The Company

Pumptec was formed in 1975 to supply the chemical and petrochemical industries in Southern Africa with centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. The Company is proudly owned by brothers, Alan and Richard Bullock.

Our policy has always been to represent world class manufacturers in this region, enabling us to combine our many years of experience with quality equipment. Our products are sourced from Europe, the USA, Asia as well as locally and we produce the complete sets in our Johannesburg workshop.

Over the years our product range has expanded steadily, and we now have one of the most comprehensive ranges of pumps, flow meters and blending equipment in Southern Africa. Our centrifugal pumps range includes process quality, multistage, self priming, sealless and drum pumps in most alloys and non-metallic materials. Our range of positive displacement pumps includes gear, screw and rotary vane pumps, again in most alloys.

In addition to these pumps, we have also added a full range of flow meters, including positive displacement (SABS approved), nutating disc, turbine and mag flow type. We also supply Pulsair blending systems for difficult blending applications. With this wide range of products, we are able to assist with almost any requirement of the petrochemical and general industries.

Our customer list includes all the major oil companies in Southern Africa as well as a wide spectrum of industrial and mining companies throughout the region. In addition to the supply of equipment, we also offer a full repair facility of all equipment supplied by us and assistance with the design of fluid systems.

Our Team

Store Team

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Jonas Kgosana

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Workshop Team

Pieter Simpson

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Pardon Basvi

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